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Complaint-review: Fehmi Öztürk - Banking Fraud

Fehmi Öztürk
Banking Fraud

I got frauded by Fehmi Öztürk and his sons Erdal Öztürk, Erkan Öztürk, Ercan Öztürk. I met with them when i visited Romania for an entirely different investment. They convinced me for that there's nomore profitable investment in Romania and buying a hotel as partners in Turkey. After that he pursued me for giving my cash ...


My credit card has been charged twice due to two bookings had been done for the same flight in the same date. Although CheapOAir had acknowledged the problem and promised to full refund to my credit card and I had received an e-mail confirmation, they had then decided to not to refund and tried to apply some conditions that I ...

Lars Peder & Jeffrey Stefan

I was asked to pay $1,500 and $900 subsequently because he (Lars Peder) couldn't get out of the country (Turkey) and needed my help. He said his passport was being help by the Turkish government. And he asked me to look for a "house" or an apartment so that he and I and his son could move in together and start a new life. ...

Carmen Berg Realty
Carmen Berg Gurcan Cen Carmen Berg and her idiot moron husband screwed up the realestate deal and offered sex deals

Carmen Berg and her idiot husband Gurcan, are two sex perverts that completely ruined my real estate deal, getting the dates of escrow wrong and costing me an arm and a leg. To add insult to injury, the former playmate carmen Berg got my wife to go to dinner with her husband and her, behind my back. After they propositioned my ...

Turkish Republic
Turkish National Assembly, Turkish Parliament Legal Incompetence creating Impractical legislation that need reviewing Ankara

For passing and implementing a short sighted and unworkable law that has caused pain and loss to its own citizens and international investors. The habitation law or Iskan. A law that requires a builder or developer to pay all taxes on a multiple build before one certificate can be issued If they build 100 and only sell one ...