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Karen Foley Dublin, Ireland
Kazfoley This crazy desperate woman goes around trying scam people into falling in love with her using her real name but totally fake idnetities, Dublin

I met Karen Foley on a popular chat room site — NOT a dating or personals site. I was living in London at the time but was planning to move to Dublin, Ireland where she was from. We started chatting on MSN regularly and she very quickly pretended to fall in love with me (yes, I am a lesbian get over it.) I chatted with her ...

Aer Lingus
Deducted the flight costs twice

I booked a flight for two persons on 27th September 2010. Aer Lingus booked the same flight twice at a cost of 289.10 GBP each. I have faxed their complaints department 3 times and emailed the booking department which confirmed the bookings eight times. I cannot get a response from anyone, just automated receipts. The two ...