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Pf harwood
Cold calling scammer brussels

I have been approached by this company/indivudual on a cold call basis recently. They are offering a service that they claim can help me sell some worthless shares I bough from a boiler room in bangkok almost 10 years ago! They are requesting that I wire money to a bank account based in new zealand, also by the name of pf ...

REA Rip off jackets Milanoantwerpen

I got approached by a Salvatore (Italian) his palen leaving and blabla buying a present for his wife but no money because of taxes! Showed me a nice costme of REA and if i would buy that for 400 i would get 5 jackets for free... At the end i helped him with 100 he gave me 3 jackets, 2 leathers, 1 daim! It's not really a bad ...

Fortis Bank

In November, 2008, I was sent a wire transfer from a company in Brussels and the sender paid a commission and other charges to Fortis to do the transfer but when I received the transfer Fortis had deducted almost 20 percent of the money. The sender contacted Fortis and asked them about it and they denied making any deductions ...