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Hollis Day Jr
Scammed me out of my money

Hollis pursued me to invest in a life settlement fund. He repeatedly stated that this was a fund made up of many insurance policies so if one or more polices went too long, did not mature and were not profitable, all the other polices would ensure we did not lose our money. Then after having to hunt him down at his office he ...

Mohammed ibaidallah
My car history

I purchased my car from the auction and the car had a history of theft. After a couple of days the title came and I registered the car in my name. Today I went to the dealer to trade in the car and I was told they could not purchase the car because the car’s history reports theft and so I was told to contact USA complaints ...


I got a Router Kit from Century Link, they charged me $165.68 on 2-4-13. I reurned the Router Kit (COMPLETE) to their store, here in Ocala on 2-28-13 (store cashier # 078147) (account #312145298) I have made a number of calls but they are completely ignoreing me. I could send you copies of the transaction. ...