City: Worth
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Owens Harkey Advertising

These worthless trash idiots say they have an ad agency and offer to advertize on billboards, etc. Upon visiting their office it was evident that they did not in fact know what an ad agency does nor did they have anything that resembles an ad agency. None of their staff could answer basic questions about design, marketing or ...

All American Fitness
Yearly up-keep fee

Well, I am indecisive about All American currently. I have been a member since July 1999 (nearly ten years now). I have experienced some pleasant conditions and very frustrating and inappropriate situations too. Though I must admit that each exasperating event does better me. Let me explain further. When the All American ...

Rex Service
Ripoff dishonest

I sent them my speaker and they received it on February 14 2005. I had to call them and they had not even looked at it. I did exactly what they said as far as sending it in and they claim i didnt send in a receipt. So rather than calling me and telling me the problem i guess they just thought i would eventually call and find ...