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Bella Clea

I looked at my checking account status this morning. Noticed a charge of $92,13 from my account, from Bella Clear of $92.13. I have not been a customer for a couple of months. When I called today, customer recording even said I was no longer a cusomer. I waited to talk to a customer service rep. They answered and were of no ...

Bella Clear And Smile 4 You

I have also been scammed out of £60gbp I only found out when one of my bills was declined andvi got my bank statement which showed me they had debited my card of $92.14 they are completely misleading and are falsely advertising my bank are investigating to ttry and get my money back for me but I don't hold out much hope!!! ... Inc

I have completed a BPO for Inc. And they just don't want to pay their bill to me. After many calls and emails to their executive staff to them without success I have filed complaints to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's Office of Colorado. Its not the $50.00 but the principle of the ...