City: Westampton
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Revolution Pastry
Benjamin Estep or Chef Ben fraud, theif, sold business, uses hall location as address, no wedding cake? Told me NO REFUNDS, doesn't want to give full amount back, hung up the phone on me

I contracted wedding services with Chef Benjamin Estep (Chef Ben) of Revolution Pastry in December 2011 for my upcoming wedding that is in Sept 2012. I received his information from my reception hall venue as he came highly recommended. He also uses the reception hall to conduct all his business. Our cake tasting was done at ...

Westampton Car Wash
Awful Customer Service

Do Not Go! This is a terrible company undeserving of your business. The cashier had a total lack of customer service and totally ignored the customer, instead was texting someone and watched television. The owner became verbally abusive, used foul language and cursed at the customer when the customer attempted to complain about ...

Painkiller profiling

My Prescriptions for Pain Killers has been refused on numerous occasions at the CVS on Springside road#2094 in westampton NJ For various reasons, I have an idea that I am being profiled, I am not one who would make this accusation lightly but I seem to be the only one who can't fill MY Prescription for percocet I have no ...

Dreamworks Vacation Club
Scam - misrepresentation

Organization explained an agenda for seriously-reduced use of resort houses and airfares. They employed high pressure techniques to desire us to signal "onthespot" and also to likewise renounce the "right of recission" that is traditional with realestate revenue (competitive that this can be a support, not really a home). ...