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G & W Property Management of Hartford and Watertown CT

I've lived at Bella Vista Condos in Waterbury CT for 9 years. From the start nothing but problems with the association and property managers. On Sunday, October 16,2011, I awoke to a neighbor pounding on my door asking if we had water on our first floor. Sure enough we did, we were the victims of a busted hot water heater. The ...

The Salon The Barber Shop Jennifer Higgins
The Salon, The Barber Shop Watertown Ma Jen Higgins Higgins Jennifer Ruined My Wife's Hair For Our Wedding! Rude Unprofessional Threatening

My wife (then fiance) and I went to The Salon to have her hair prepped for our wedding. She Wanted it cut to a length that would hide a scar on her neck from an automobile accident. She was seated and the hair dresser, who introduced herself as "Jen" began asking what my wife wanted. My wife made it quite clear that that she ...