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Another MLM scam, stay away!

I got sucked into Herbalife several years ago while seeking to escape a dead-end job. It started when I answered an ad in my local paper that offered an opportunity for me to be my own boss, or something to that effect. I called and was immediately directed to the person who would become my mentor, whom I'll call Marie. To her ...

Enterprise Rental Car Compnay
The engine blew?

On May 04th 2012, I was driving a car I rented from Enterprise when the car just stopped? I called my tow company and they towed the car to Goodyear, which takes care of the mechanics for Enterprise in that area? Enterprise came to pick me up from Goodyear. When I got to the office, they told me that the car didnt have any oil? ...

Total Quality Cleaners, Total Nightmare should be the name, not Total Quality. Worst Service and Business Ediquette ever encountered

So where do I start? My girlfriend ordered there service on groupon so that I could get my property cleaned before moving new tenets in. We need this done in between one tenent moving out and another moving in. We had a sceduled date and time for 9am on a friday. I took the the first half of the day off of work so that I could ...