City: Tiburon
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Christopher Buttner, President, PR that Rocks

Christopher Buttner of PR That Rocks failed to provide the services he was contracted to do. I, in good faith offer to settle his claim, and offered him an alternative form of payment which he was not able to fulfill to his liking, to no fault of my own. His claims are petty and ridiculous. ...

Marin County In General Paid Officials For Sure!
Judges working with "the wicked ones." Lynn Dyuree, Tiburon Police, Joan Rosenthal, Creative Cases on the "SELECT"

Please do not fear Marin run by Satan for sure from the roots to the tops of each tree cut unlawfully by the "undocumented" in Marin who are abused to no end like those who challenge the abuses you find surreal as we all do here living in anxiety at all times run by the Nazi, Satan worshing, dark and "elected" parties which is ...