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Negligent management

Apalachee pkwy walmart administration tawanna was rude upset since i informed her that certain of the personnel was tossing technology about the shelf. Alot of personnel are complaining of low pay. The shop on tennessee st. At evening is lax. I reported to some worker name peter and he refused to call the manager. I found a ...

Florida attorney general's office investigating practices
Fl. AGO Dismissive to deceptive trade practices, placing population under duress to purchase from "authorized vendors' or they will leave booking photo optimized next to your name. Turning a Blind eye

Under Investigation: The Inside Story of the Florida Attorney... - Google Books Result books. Isbn=0968713335... Les Henderson - 2006 - - 511 pages The Inside Story of the Florida Attorney General's Investigation of Wilhelmina... News clippings, rap sheets, mug shots, legal recordsthe whole nine yards... The ...


I sent a Western Union (MTCN # 6298687791) to someone and did a survey on the store on June 6,2012 at 4:00 P.M. At BIG K Mart. The Amount was $2,050.00 but totaled out to be $2,226.00 because of the Western Union fee. AFTER I did the transaction, I looked it up online and found a lot of reports on the supposed company, Feed ...