City: Stuart
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Martin County Jail - Global Tel Link
Inmate prepaid telephone services they both together have ripped me off! I feel martin county jail and global tel link are working together and are reponsible for this rip off scam, because martin county is getting alot of money too with this scam!

I am being scammed by martin county jail and global tel link prepaid telephone service for inmates and their families! They are trying to tell me that my son has been blocked from calling me and it can't be billed by my telephone company, anymore, because my telephone company, they say has rejected some charges through them, ...

K Styler
Product dont work

Received the iron used 2 times and will not turn on called in the to have it returned as per their advertising and they did not send the return label and wont send it unless i now send them a payment for the iron that i told them didnt work. DO NOT order from them they do not do what they say they will and I'm the first one ...

Toyota Of Stuart

I went to get a car from these people a few years ago. I had found the car I wanted and started the paperwork. They asked me if I had someone who could co-sign. So I asked my father and he agreed. He met us at a shopping center to co-sign. He specifically asked the man if he was co-signing or putting it in his name. The man ...