City: Shrewsbury
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The Eyeglass Factory
Owner, Hiran Mazaira, Andrea Freedman, Devon Mazaira and each employee (Nathan/Nicole) Fraud, Rip Off, Grand Theft

I purchased a pair of expensive rimless titanium eyeglasses fron the Eyeglass Factory. They were sent to a lab for lenses a few times because the lab kept on making mistakes w / the prescription. They never contacted me when my glasses were back from the lab. I brought them back for what I hoped would be the last time in the ...

The Eyeglass Factory in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Hiran Mazaira, Devon Mazaira Bad Check Writer, Career Criminal, Grand Theft, Served Prison Time in Florida

Hiran Mazaira is a life long criminal. He owns and operates The Eyeglass Factory in Shrewsbury, MA. He has served prison terms in Florida and Massachusetts. He currently is being prosecuted in Massachusetts for Larceny (Bad Checks) and in Los Angeles County (Bad Checks). He was in prison in Florida for Practicing Healthcare ...