City: San Diego
Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Mark Cartier
Fraudulent use of money invested

An investment was made to Mark Cartier and North of Two LLC. The invested amount stated in contract that money would not be used in anyway and not leave the specified account unless approved by investor. The return of funds would be made in its entirety plus interest if the investment did not go through on part of North Of Two. ...

Tech Support Scam

I got a call from a lady claiming to be from TechElite Technologies LLC asking for credit card information and personal details. When I refused she transfered me to her supervisor named Ethan who threaten me saying my computer is not safe and that hackers will be stealing my information. Stay away from them! ...

BellaLabs and LaCreme
Misleading info

I did agree to pay for shipping and handling of $5 for 1 bottle from each company (since they advertised together to get you to try their product I believe they are one and the same). I was out of town and didn't receive my order until 9/28-2015. I will admit I didn't read their terms and conditions as carefully as I should ...