City: Salinas
Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Household Bank
Unauthorized charges. Fraud

Household Bank refused to remove unauthorized and fraudulent charges from my credit card. The unauthorized charges were made by They tried to pull a bait and switch and I told them that they were not authorized to make any charges. Even though I thoroughly explained this several times in writing and on the phone, ...

Baker Truck Brokerage, Inc
Joe Baker is telling lies and not paying $149290.00 to our company for the freight we hauled for him

My compnay Intrade Industries Inc is huling freight for him for more than 5 years. He just stop paying during the month of June 2012. Then Joe Baker promised to send one check every week for one load. He backed out from his promise and we are not getting any check for last few weeks. He still owes us $149200.00. The funny thing ...

Heald College
Fraud and lying

I visited Heald university to obtain a AA level when I proceed to-go I had been not just kept there longer then I must be I had been not graduating having a AA number I had been likely to abandon having a AAS. I was set-to scholar and anything and I was removed to-go today 10/8/12 your day before graduate I am not strolling ...