City: Sacremento
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Mark Stacy
Mark Stacie, Stacy, Mark S., JMJ Pacific Sales Mark Stacy do not believe anything he says he is a master manipulator and lie

Mark Stacy is a con artist he has ripped hundreds of people off in multiple occasions. The business he is in hires contractors to do door to door sales for major communications companies ex at&t. He runs scam shop offices they bring kids in and promise them to make a lot of money. He tells them they are all going to be managers ...

Alexis madison
Craiglist psychic

I met a women who called herself alexis madison on craiglist website it was in feb 2008, a psychic who claimed she would bring back my so called soul mate and i did a reading on her and we talked and we got to know one another some what. She claimed to have a son who was young. Anyway she told me she would prove she had an ...