City: Rockaway
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The Airpad I requested just worked for just two weeks also it quit, the organization wouldn't send an upgraded wire they stated they didn't have any. And so I bought one by myself after which the Airpad quit working also it required 4 hours to be about the telephone to obtain them to complete something after which they deliver ...

Section 8, Queens, New York
Eli Abid - Owner Section 8 Passes Inspection on Condemned Building! Section 8 passes Inspection on Condemned Building. People were thrown out of their homes

Homeless For The Holidays2007-11-23 / Front Page Dozens Of Locals Sent To SheltersBy Nicholas BrianoKathleen DeCarolis came home oneMarisol Rodriquez and Kathleen DeCarolis stand outside of 109-12 Rockaway Beach Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon, after city officials placed vacate notices on their homes and told them that they had ...