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Jo-Ann Fabrics
False Advertisement!

JO-ANN FABRIC store... SO have been waiting for today to come around, this store was having a 50% off sale on their clearance items. I went in last Saturday thinking it was last weekend by mistake, and had been in the week before. That said, my mom and I have been waiting for this sale for the last two weeks. We get there ...

Jo-Ann Fabrics
False Advertising

Jo ann material shop... THEREFORE have already been awaiting today in the future around, this shop was having a-50% off Purchase on the approval products. I went in last Sunday thinking it had been last weekend in error, and had Experienced the week before. Having said that, my mother and that I have now been awaiting this ...

Huggies Diapers
Did not honor sale sign

I went a time towards the closest shop along with a time back again to place cash on the VIB gift-card to obtain 10% of the total amount I placed on card to obtain diapers however the cashier at shop #6469 on 08/25/2012 at approximately. 1:26pm offered me a normal gift-card and that I didn't get my 10% nevertheless when I ...

Family Dollar
Together, we can make our jobs better

The Portage store is one of the highest stores in our district in sales. Yet, we get our payroll cut more & more. Their reason is because "we don't make enough money". They work our manager into the ground because he is salary & they don't want to pay for an employee to be there. The 3rd key is supposed to have 30 hours ...