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Rhino Construction

Warning*warning*warning I manage an property investment property in Jersey City for a private owner. We hired Claudio for a much needed roof repair. He was recommend by the neighbor who uses him for cheap fixes. I met with him and his partner at the time. They seemed to know roofing and explained how things would go. The ...

P C Richard & Son
I finally gave up and left. I had planned to get a samsung tv (60 " UN60 EH6000) after about 20 minutes of waiting and not being

I simply quit the hh gregg shop in Fayetteville, GA. I desired to purchase the Samsung Television but after 20 units I really could not get one to delay on me. I finally quit and quit. I'd prepared to obtain a samsung television (60 " UN60 EH6000) after about 20 units of waiting and never being. I'd completed the study with ...

P C Richard & Son
The warranty company and P C Richard & Son said i was lying and then gave me a run around about my tv

I bought a samsung lcd television six months later it quit and was fixed by samsung. Six weeks later it did the same. The guarantee business and P-C Rich & Boy mentioned I had been laying after which offered me a run-around about my television. It got 7 days of calling every single day an 3 hours of resting within the shop and ...