City: Palatka
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Baylor Crawford & Mingle PA Mike Wallace

Mike called me at work on 3/5/2013 and told me that he was a detective and that he had done a background check on me and saw that I had never been in trouble before and he was calling me to give me one chance and one chance only to pay the restitution for a payday loan I took out he had a very old email address and a very old ...

Edwin Reid
Austin Stone Jailed 11/023/12

If you are now or have been a victim of Austin Stone Tree Surgeons as I have been, he is now in jail, as of 11/03/12. He is in the Putnam County Jail, Palatka, Florida. The case number is R-7912 and the Detective in charge of the case is Jared Guy. He is in on a $10,000 bond needed. I filed my Complaint as an added comment to ...

Beck Chevrolet
Liars, cheats and theives

Buyer Beware This company will rip you off I worked here for over a year and they will rob from you at every turn. They were blacklisted by Campus USA Credit Union for "stuffing a trade in". That is selling a customer a car when they are too far negative on their trade in knowing that the customer is going to repo the trade in. ...