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ACS Legal Services
ACS Legal Services

I have been contacted several times by these people with thick accents, stating their name is John Smith, Shane Anderson, etc. They harrass my work place daily. They stated I am being sued for a payday loan that I received and did not pay back. I have Never received a payday loan. They say that they have personal information, ...

Ms america
Tramp ho is such a drama queen

Tramp ho is a real drama queen, not the reigning queen who has to give up the title this year. She gives so much negativity towards the great pageant, shout out to susan jeske. SHe is the reigning queen yet tries to ruin the upcoming 2011 show so she does not have to give up the title. Its okay. Keep that fake title cause the ...

Web Design In Oc
Hamed Noorzay Late with everything

Gave the company's team leader a ten page, simple website plan which could have been completed in 48 hours. The site was clearly put on the back burner as this took over 9 weeks to complete the project, with little to no progress being made day-to-day. Company owner Hamed Noorzay was also impossible to reach and at the ...

Angela Flores
My husband

My partner and that I are committed and we would like t olive together. The SNOW plan for immigration or surfaces aren't prepared to permit my spouse to reside with me. We've been together 5 1/2 times and committed 2 1/2 decades. We've posted for him to move below to Orange County from Oakland CA. That is affecting my finances. ...