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Judge Jake Walker, Attorney Corinne Hurst, Lee County Alabama District Attorney, Nick Abbett
The Best Dirty Alabama Politicians Money Can Buy

If you want to learn about dirty lawyers and judges, you won't find what you're really looking for on your computer. I am in the process of contacting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to see if we as Americans cane have MRI machines installed at the back door of all courthouses since the lawyers, judges, and clerks ... Aka Global Business Makers Aka Robin Stannard, frauded me out of $944.93 before changing the name of his co. He is a thief and a coward. He promised to refund the money but hid behind lies and ignored calls/e mails - opelika alabama

I joined Mybusinessmaker Guaranteed Income Plan because I am disabled. I have diabetis, glaucoma, highblood pressure, arthritis, fibremyalgia and am a senior. I no longer can work. I gave them $134.99 for 6 months and they took an additional month and did not refund it for a total of 7 months. When I asked them for a refund I ...

Citi Financial

Why is citi financial allowed to ripoff so many people... Mainly the vulnerable one's with not great credit or having a hard time making ends meet... I don't understand it. They falsely appraise houses to stick you with a large mortgage payment so they can somehow in there scheme take your home from you... I know 'im a ... And Business Makers
Huge scam, took my money for 6 months and i never heard back from them, guarantee is a shame scam, robin stannard should be in jail also nevis west indies

MY SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM and Myturnkeypc and business makers, inc. Are the same company, ran by the same gangsters. They need to be remove from the internet and the streets. They are just stealing people's money. If you have been a victim from these scum ...