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I just checked my checking account because my card would not go through Directv made an unauthorized withdraw from my account with out my permission... I called 4 times and they could not even help me out. I was put on hold for most of the time. Now I have an over drawn checking account, an no one could not tell me Why money ...

Walmart dc
Ripoff and sexal decrimation

On or about may 2 2011 my wife went to work as she all ways does around 230 in the after noon they put her loading trucks that night as she started back to truck on lift as she started to stop the lift would not stop and she ran into the beam that helps hold up the building she got slung off the lift and landed on her tail bone ...

Unfair Labor Practices

This store is garbage. Due to the fact there's insufficient work budget. The shop is definitely chaos. The supervisors are demeaning plus they do not work. They declare it's simply because they need to "strategy". The organization includes a coordinator currently. Its called a "E-ADVISER". Lets you know anything to complete on ...