City: O'Fallon
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Do not refi with Citimortgage!

Warning! Do not refi with citimortgage. They solicitated us with UPS mailings and then sold us the refi with unethical selling practices, promised an interest rate and fee that never materlized. By the time i complained that the interest rate was wrong I was told too bad too sad you paid your fee nothing we can do for you now! ...

Motorcars LTD
Selling DEATH Traps

Motorcars LTD in O'Fallon, Missouri sells vehicles that are unsafe to drive. They sold me a used truck with bad brakes; they took it to a shop that I am convinced are 'friends' of theirs that pass anything so they can get it off their lot. I took it to the mechanic shop I usually patronize and they told me that there is no way ...

Emily Lewis
Emily Marie Lewis, Emily Bateman, Emily Marie Bateman, Emily Marie Bateman Lewis Drug addict, Liar, Munchausen by proxy, herroin addict, loser, criminal, child neglect, IV drug use

Emily is a horrible drug addict with no love for her three children, she looks at them as ways to get more heroin. She is a terrible person who deserves to be in jail or rehab. She is the worst example of a mother I have ever heard of. When she was in Niceville, Florida she was so high on four or five medications (heroin, ...