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B&b Ranch
Puppy mill selling sick puppies

On October 24 2006 we bought a Rottweiler puppy through Next Day pets from B&B Ranch owned by Bill Bartmann. Within 48 hours he was in the emergency vets clinging to life. He had parvo and internal parasites we choose to save him. Bill Bartmann new that we had just lost our dear pet Gabriel and he took advantage of our broken ...

Bill Bartmann - B&B Ranch - API Registry - Lovable
Deadly Parvo infected dogs Report all incidents to Dept of Agriculture

In June of 2007 I viewed I saw a rottweiler puppy by the name of Bruiser on His description stated he was 9 weeks old. When I contacted Bill Bartmann regarding Bruiser he stated Bruiser was sold and he only had one puppy left and his named was Biggin. As per Bill, Biggin was from the same litter. He stated that ...