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Philip E. Mazur

I create this in reaction to the deceptive “review” compiled by — somebody who I've never fulfilled, and even, I've never had a customer by that title. Provided this review's time, in my opinion that Jim Moore of professional wrote that phony review in reaction to my review that is sincere published on customer ...

Philip E. Mazur
Shady Lawye

The man may be the total worst lawyer I've actually achieved. He's shady and spiteful. He twice charged anything, so when asked concerning the double-billing he explained and my companion when we did not enjoy it we're able to prosecute him. He realized we'd no cash with no option. He believes he is able to get his method due ...

Shut off of Powe

Because of some very hard occasions using the economy my expenses have now been overdue, today comed wishes me to pay for a deposit that i can't afford, I'm spending my comed statement, however they Are threatening to turn off my energy since deposit isn't being compensated, my account number is 011760614. My statement was ...

Boombah inc
Boombah boomban athletic shoes

The internet company does not stand behind the quality of their athletic shoes. Softball cleats are only guaranteed fo 30 days and clearance shoes aren't guaranteed at all My venhence softball cleats lasted for 3 months before the whole bottom sole fell off. The company wasn't the least bit concerned. The shoes look nice and ...