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Dodge City of McKinney
Stephen Kallas, Scott Spindle, Gus Rodriguez LIE, Cheat, Shade Tree Mechanics, FRAUD, THINK Twice Before Doing Business Dodge City of McKinney

Dodge City of McKinney has a thief in the Service Department in my opinion by the name of Stephen Kallas. I brought my vehicle to have it services although I had a service plan Stephen argued with me for 30 minutes that I did Not. After I called 2 other ligitimate Dodge Stores they pulled it right up in the Dodge System. I ...

Bob Tomes Ford
Hidden cost, no refund

Was informed by fund supervisor they toss a couple of things in included in a bundle. Later after I got home I then found out they cost for that so-called throw-ins. The vehicle I purchased was a 2000 mustang gt and didn't require these so-called freebies. I approached the fund supervisor and he delivered paper-work to signal ...