City: Long Island City
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Sinergy, Secure Pay, Air-charge, Merchant Services... Hidden Charges, have been unable to close account & stop Charges, since May

I began A Merchant Account with Aircharge on my iPhone, it increased to become 4 various firm's that they didn't provide assistance, NEVER USE ASSISTANCE, & have now been attempting to stop the withdrawal of costs on my consideration to no avail., last month they explained LASTLY Consideration is near, then I acquired another ...

Paragon Acura
Horrible Service, Made empty promises, played tag everytime there was a problem. Manager is is a coniving liar. This is all a game to them!

When purchasing my car here, the process was rushed. They told me one price for the car and when it was time to sign it was a completely different amount. We went back and forth until finally the car was back to the amount they intially promised. When the bill came it was a completely different price. The sales person was of ...