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Global Net Business Solutions
Not! was my ISP which in April 01 was taken over by Global Net Business Solutions aka at 99 Main St/Lincoln, NH... I first came in contact with Global Net during the takeover when their VP Jim Gowan DISCONNECTED MY SERVICE WITH NO PRIOR NOTICE because i called in disgruntled... Fortunately a top notch tech ...

Continental Transmission
Rip off

I own an '88 gt mustang. A few weeks ago the transmission went out on it. So i called around and found a 'cobra' transmision for $700. It was at a trans rebuild shop. The guy had just rebuilt it. It was ready for installation. So i bought it, and on the transmission the owner of the shop stamped the date of purchase.'ok cool' ...

Burack Chevrolet
Automobile Fraud by in

RE: AUTOMOBILE FRAUD I have been a victim of Automobile Fraud. I purchased a used corvette in 1998 (1995; 8,600 miles as per the written odometer disclosure statement provided by the dealer on 3/19/98) for $32,000 (plus paying for an extended warranty from GM Protection Plan purchased on 3/16/99 #973230795) from Peter ...