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Uol Namesdatabase
Monies taken out of account

Some years ago I have register with Namesdatabase (social network) and since last year I've noticed that an amount of R120 have been deducted from my bank account (yearly fee) and I have never ever given them my banking details. I see on the internet that there is a lot of complains that it is a spam and has been for the last ...

Facebook run by the Faceless

My wife and I share an Email @ address with different names at the front; she has had a Facebook account for a few years' unfortunately she recently had her site hijacked and her site sent numerous requests for them to be her friend, this was subsequently resolved. Due to retirement and now have time I decided to join Facebook; ...

You are left with No Choice!

So they don't respond. Big deal. There is a site called Paypal... Anyhow, just want to add my two cents. I stay in Spain and my ISP is a Spanish service. Trying to access Paypal from Spain... The webpages are all in Spanish and NOWHERE on their site is an option to choose a language preference. On top of this, over and above ...