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Made the best of it

My pup was an average sized Chihuahua. I paid 1600 with shipping. Shannon rebutted that the very tiny are 6000. The dog is very beautiful, cinnamon, sleek, long legs so it isn't really a complaint even though I really wanted a teacup. She did as promised with a carrier and food, excellent shipment. I think she is making an ...

Guven Inc - Houston TX
Guven Inc - Houston TX

Guven Inc picked up the wrong freight from a company in Erie, PA. Rather than delivering the freight to where the bill of lading stated, which was also in Erie, PA, Guven Inc drove the freight to North Little Rock Arkansas. Omer then proceeded to state he would not release the freight unless he received a payment of $2000.00. ...

Export 220v trading

This trading company, Export 220 is a really sucks in their service and efficiency as they total present in a low class basic human ethical while doing business. I have a outstanding product from them, and they simply do nothing to freight to us despite the faults lies with them.instead they are asking us to come and pick up at ...

Worst Customer Servicd

I went into the Sephora at Memorial City Mall in Houston, TX for an express eye makeup service on a Friday when they definitely weren't busy. Right away I didn't feel welcomed. Nobody greeted me and when I asked one of the girls who I can speak to about an express service, she directed me to the rudest sales person I've ever ...

Gary Melchiorre
Gary Melchiorre Contractor

Beware of Con Man Gary Melchiorre. He rips off home owners in Texas by 4249584.htmlunder different company names by operating contractor construction work. His slick smooth talk and sense of care and concern are a smoke screen to Con YOU out of ...