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Good Housekeeping Magazine
Hearst Magazines Decietful in sending out magazines I never ordered and then sending bills for the magazines using words such as delinquent account, and others... I stopped ordering any magazines years ago!

One day I began recieving Good Housekeeping Magazine that I had not requested. Then the bills started. I knew that I never ordered them (I stopped ordering any kind of magazines years ago) so I ignored everything that they sent. Then I recieved a delinquent account letter from the collection office. The invoice in with the ...

Hearst Corporation
Popular Mechanics Scary Hearst salesman called my very young son on phone, harrassed him as I listened. I taught son to say "no"repeatedly to salesman. I got on phone & said NO. Hearst claims he subscribed. Threaten us

Children Beware of Hearst Corporation. Bullying phone saleman for Hearst is trying to ruin my 12 year old son's credit for $9.97! Last year, my 12 year old son received a phone call from a bullying man trying to get him to subscribe to Popular Mechanics. As I listened to my son struggling on the phone, I put the conversation on ...


Ordered a PSP Game system for my son, it was on sale for 129.99, When it came in thhey charged me full price, When i asked why, i was told it is no longer on sale, even though the store did not have one during the sale, and the store manager told me if i put money down on it ill still get it for the sale price, the managers ...

Consumer Reports on Health
I have subcribed consumer reports magazine and send it $24.00 for new subcription on consumer reports on health. Never got my magazine on health issues. I ahve wrote it to them and never got respond, wen

I have send $24.00to consumer reports on health last year on August, 2009. Never got my magazines and I wrote to them and e-mailed them never got a respond. I just do not understand why they would cash my check and never send a magazines. First i thought maybe they are sending to someone else, than i thought my name is foreign ...