City: Elmont
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Bil-Ray Aluminum Siding Corp of Queens, Inc

Breach of Contract... Company was hired to renovate Bathrooms... Resulting in gutted bathrooms for 2 months, major delays, poor/shoddy workmanship, damage to home, installment of product not ordered... Company was given a second chance, with ample time, with a subsequently signed-by-both-parties agreement/adjustment to first ...

Capital one bank
Deposited a "bankers check" on 3/18 2011. As per "check 21 law" the amount should have been credited into my account within minutes. As of today... 3/23 2011 they still giving me the runouround... B

Capital one fraudulent practices. On 3/18 2011 i deposited a bankers check into my account at capital one. As of today they still keeping my money, giving all kind of excusess. Capital one could not reply, when asked about check 21 act... Which states: checks in the same state, county is max 2 working days... All ...