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Ripoff central

Marketforce aka shopperforce aka the blue portal and aka the purple portal are total scammers. They are out to make money off there "Independent contrators" They will Assign you work and then remove your account when you complete work. I have done alot of shops and audits for them and did not get paid for 99 percent of them. ...

Market force
Michael Avery [email protected], Stephanie Birch [email protected], Charlene Hempstead [email protected] Market Force

I was contacted Thu, Jan 05,2012 by Charlene Hempstead for Market Force. I was asked to do a theater service which was 30 miles away and that it paid $20 instead of the usual $12. I told her I never did a service before which she assured me that all I have to do is print out a packet and take with me & fill it out and that it ...

Mr B's construction (Dywane Butle

I hired Dy-Wane Butler to do various home improvement services on my home, masonry work, add new siding, add insulation to an existing room on my house, and do add an addition onto my home. I gave Dy-wane a $5000 deposit to start the work on my home, the masonry work was completed by a sub contractor than Dy-wane informed me ...