City: Downingtown
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Amy Crawford

Beloved prospects, Ms. Crawford doesn't possess a permit, is without encounter (she finished together with her Master's-Degree in 2007) and uses duplicity like a treatment design. I'd clearly claim that you find the providers of somebody having a permit. Http://newholistictherapy. ...

Jeff D' Ambrosio
Texas Direct D' Ambrosio is dealing with a company (Texas Direct) that is ripping people off. D' Amdrosio should be reported to th BBB for using this company to finance customer's. Beware, of buying a car from

I just spoke to good friend of mine. She purchased a car from d'amdrosio car dealer. They use this texas direct to finance. My friend is now being told that texas direct is going to reposes her car. Texas direct reason is because she has had to many deffered payments this i don't understand. She is up to date with her ...

Mr. Tire
Oil Change

Visited Mr. Tire to get a basic oil-change. I also requested they alter the oil container bolt (the present one was getting curved). I gave them details about the automobile and also the supervisor published the bill, turned it around and questioned me to sign it first. I believed it was really unusual since other bills possess ...

Us Cash Advance
Roger Smith Called to say I was named in a lawsuit for not paying back a cash advance and could settle over the phone or appear in court

A man named Roger Smith (obviously an alias with the heavy middle eastern accent he had... He's about as much a Roger Smith as Osama Bin Laden) called and said I was named in a lawsuit for not paying back a cash advance but I could settle out of court or face appearing in court. I asked him who he was working for and he said ...