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Complaint-review: Elite Bulldogs of Texas - SCAM

Elite Bulldogs of Texas

This Kevin Jackson of numerous address, Austin, Marshall, Houston, Dallas and Cameron, to name a few in Texas. Phone # 346-762-9205, 281-668-5088 and 976-626-2316 and numerous sites, Elite Bullies and bulldogs, Elite Bulldogs of Texas is a SCAM ARTIST . HE takes your money then starting asking for more and more. Then he misses ...

Sweepstakes Advisor Audit Bureau. P.O.Box 549012 Dallas Texas, 75354
Sending me contest Sweepstakes and wanting money for something that I didn't apply for

Hello, I would appreciate if you would quit sending me you scam contests at 411 N.E.13th Street Abilene Kansas, 67410. If it continues I will report you to the authorities.......... This is been sent to me in the last 3 months and I have forwarded a contact to have them to stop, and they still keep sending this Scam material. ...


I currently received a bill for using a tollway that i did not use. I do not live in Texas and i've never visited Texas. I have tried contacting them but the company will force you into submission with their 50minute wait times on the phone and almost week long replies to email. ...
Very dishonest

STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!!! He is extremely dishonest. He had me sign a contract for work to be done. We both signed the contract and he never finished the job. He waited until I had paid about 80% of the money in the contract and then disappeared! Now he won't answer my phone calls! The job is only half way done. The guys is a ...