City: Crystal Lake
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Wells Fargo
Refinance Fraud

We requested a refi on our house 4/4/09 and rec'd an interest rate of 4.5%. Which was later transformed to 5% with a few Wells Fargo trickery. We've a great credit score plus they stated that since we were a current client all-they desired to do was make certain we settled our expenses promptly and we'd visit shut within 60 ...

Digital Pix Group Composite Photos
This company is a complete rip off! Lied to me, refused to answer my questions, and more!

So, here's the short version. On or about April 8,2009, I was told by the photographer - representative of the company that came to my college for portraits that for a $23.95 fee I would have my portraits made for the group composite photo that would hang in the hall, a smaller 8x10 of the composite for myself, and severeal ...