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Jodi Mayher from Crystal Lake, IL
Bad reviews, deceptive business practices, name changes, etc., Internet Jodi Mayher from Crystal Lake, IL... Bad reviews, deceptive business practices, name changes, etc., Internet

Jodi Mayher has a thing about not handling her business very well and will write every name under the sun about your family member. Can you imagine being a Customer and her knowing your place of work because she will screen you. Don't make the mistake of giving her a bad review or she will accuse some other escort and keep ...

Sharon Rae Miller
Sharon Roos SHE HAS STOLEN / WILL TRY TO SELL -Two 14 weeks French Bulldog, Born 4-28-12 / 1- female black, white -Dottie. 1- male whilte, tan spotted - Bruiser. Pups moms is Freckles. The pups are sick with worms, im

Sharon Miller gave me two sick puppys at 10 weeks old to me. Yesterday came to my home stollen them from my home. Freckles is the mom Black and White Pied French Bulldog 4years old. Bladder leacking disorder while she sleeps because her uterus is to big puts pressure on her bladder. She has a hereditary skin disorder that she ...

Area Construction
Ken Monilaw drug addict, cheater, thief, liar, manipulator, coward, lazy, slob, womanizer, terrible father, user, abuser, con artist

We worked for this drug crazed maniac for several of his jobs. He would have us work while he was too busy off running around with his wife and mistresses spending all of his money on booze, drugs, and woman. He would show up late in the afternoon or evenings or if at all, say good work guys, then see what he could steal from ...

Extended warranty fraud

Purchased a xbox 360. And I bought the 2 year extended warranty. My xbox broke before a year. Didn't have the receipt anymore. There was however a serial number attached to my xbox put there by game stop. So I figured that I would be okay. I took it in the store and they told me that that was the wrong serial number and they ...