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Inferior[product, c/s was NOT truthful

I purchased several replacement inks for a printer and 2 of 3 were dried out on arrival. I returned them, had to pay postage and never got "good ink". Out the money for the product and for postage for crappy products! And the owner was rude. I would never recommend them when I can go to Walgreens or Office max for a reliable ...

I bought 4 color cartridges, (C1-41) and 5 Black cartridges, (PG-40) for my Cannon Pixma MP150 Printer, all of which were useless. TFP Ink labeled these cartridges as, "High Quality Compatible Cartri

I ordered 5 color cartridges and 5 Black cartridges for my Cannon Pixma MP150 from TFP Ink. The first two cartridges worked for only a short time. I think they may have been 30% full with ink. The rest of them were useless. They advertised that they sell" High Quality Compatible Cartridges". I was ripped off $80.00. I called ...