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GSI - Grant Services Incorporated - Shawn Williams
GSI - Grant Services Incororated - Shawn Williams ripoff sheist unprofessional phoney swindle hoodwinked bamboozled this co. & indivisual basically stole my money

I recived a call in December of '05 from Grant Services Incorporated. This person who called himself "Shawn Williams". He stated to me that I was eligable for a $6,000 dollar grant from the government at no charge. At this time I was scepticle due to the fact I had went through something similar to this only a month earlier. ...

Grant Solutions
Attempted ripoff Virgin Islands

A woman with a Jamaican-type accent called my cell phone on Tuesday and told me because of my income I was eligible for a $6,000 Federal grant. She sounded excited and was pleasant at first. She told me I just had to "confirm" some information they already had on me, and once I got close to receiving the grant, they would have ...