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Christopher S. Young
GREEN TEK Was suppose to finish off a gas line, never finish, supposedly lost phone, then just stop responding altogether. Loser!

This guy responded to a CL ad I'd posted, where I was looking for someone to tie in a gas line to the rest of the house from the meter. I gave $250 upfront to do what he had to do and then was suppose to give him the remaining $500 or so at completion. The job shouldn't have taken more than a week/week and a half. Three weeks ...

Apple iPhone / AT&T
Horrendous Support

Criticism currently to consumer matters: Event = I've had problems backwards and forwards using the support on my iPhone. I'm on my 2nd telephone, (the very first one had an interior issue) which was changed after several phone calls and appointments to bothe the AT&T Shop and Apple. The telephone was "not falling" calls, ...