City: Chesapeake
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Cellitused confirmed payment to my son of $108 for his motorola phone. After repeated complaints has not received payment. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. ...

Pet Shop

These people are TERRIBLE to deal with! We for a puppy there for our son and paid 975.00. It passed away two days later! We buried the dog on Sunday and went to church. Our son was DIStRAuGHt!!! This dog was for his 5th birthday! On Monday morning I called the pet shop who stated that "I had to have had an autopsy done on the ... Incorporated

Around the above date I sent this online company my used htc One 4G LTE cellphone worth $579.99 that I no longer was using. This online company stated that they would give you cash for your used electronic devices. Since I upgraded and really needed the extra cash, especially since the Chritmas holiday was approaching. I ...