City: Central Islip
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Rush Card
Fraudulent cc charges

I'm requesting a refund for your fraudulent credit card charges that appeared on my credit declaration they're the following 08/20/2010 2154323316 collection arena mng co intern gb. 05 08/19/2010 2153191641 collection ground mng co intern gb $151.95 It's been 2 yrs since I have have submitted a with RushCard and also the BBB ...

Bank of America

This lender is terrible. I submitted to change my mortgage over this past year plus they nevertheless have not prepared it. I contact of course if I actually do cope with to somebody they inform me I've togo via a bank supervisor they cannot give me info. If ever i attempt to contact the supervisor they seldom actually get of ...

David B. Dawson
American Business Computers Sells used defective computers with fake warranty's. Steals good parts out of computers that repairs and replaces w/bad ones

David B. Dawson (DOB: 5-18-52) sells used defective computers on craigslist and empty gaurntees a warranty that he doesn't back up. He dumpster dive broken conputers and then sells them on craigslist. He downloads unsupported pirated software that doesn't work onto these computers. He advertises computer repairs and then when ...

Judge William Kent
Violates the no-fault laws which requre him to order counsel fees, spousal and child support leaving stay at home mother w/o attorney or support while attorney / POLITICIAN spouse leaves the family on

Took a year to issue a minimal support order, refused to enforce the order which spouse violated, in every way, refused to hear a contempt motion, refused emergency relief for the stay at home mother, refused to enforce order for interim counsel fees, Did order financial relief for the "monied" spouse to move after being ...