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HFC Beneficial HSBC

I currently have an account through hfc. They hold the mortgage for my home. Went to refianace on my statement it says my balance is 111918.77. They sent a letter says it's 26099.68 higher than it shows om my statement. The original loan was for $120999.74 10 years ago. So the way i look it is i have been paying on this at all. ...

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLc
We had to file bankruptcy in 2011, Bank of Americia hit us like a tornado.ingorant people we had to deal with. Had to file bankruptcy, Husband laid off me on dissability. BAC sold out loan to Ocwen i

Bank of America is a ripoff! Had to file bankruptcy in 2011 in order to keep our home. Tried to work out in every way possible. They did not want to work with us. My husband was laidoff, I'm on dissability due to major heart problems, I need a heart and lung transplant. Now they have sold our loan to Ocwen in June of 2011. I ...

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC
Misplacing payments, Racking up late Fees, Threatining to forclose. Unhelpful, Can't understand them & they can't understand me

Ocwen keeps misplacing or loosing payments sent through the mail. If they apply them they apply them late as late as 27 days from the date it was mailed. They have done this repeatedly & now they have racked up late fee's or nearly $200.00 Our payments come from 2 different sources. Half the payment comes out of my bank bill ...