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Rental cancellation

In June 2011 we created a preliminary cost on the beach-house rental published by VRBO under record # 322472 for 12/23-12/30/2011. We followed-up using the ultimate cost 0n 11/08/2011, per the rental agreement, and were getting excited about being abroad during our first Holiday without among our kids who'd died earlier this ... is Owned & Manged by Search Engine Genie Owner: J. Vijay Chakravarthy Based Out of Search Engine Genie India Contempo Technologies Pvt Ltd GR-Plaza
Search Engine Genie was established back in 2008 from India for the purpose of to make money and the actual owner is from India not from United States, Chennai / Houston Internet

Fraud, Scam, Dishonest, Ripoff Scumbag Looser owner of was established back in July 2008 and the register owner is from India his name J. Vijay Chakravarthy He owns a site called Search Engine Genie There will be a class lawsuits against j. Vijay chakravarthy lawyers are looking possible ...

Cooks Portable Warehouses
Stole money from me

To Whom it May Concern, Over the past three years I have done business with Cooks Portable warehouses in Anna, IL. It will become evident with supporting documents this company engages in dishonorable business practices. It is a practice of this company to require an Order deposit equal to one month rent, to be applied as a ...

Honda Of America Engine Plant
Abusive in the tempary work force they have no intentions of hiring you, they dont honor good workers after 2 year commitment. Adecco sucks!

For the ones who have the dream to be hired at honda of america ann, oh, maryville, oh yeah the big add they made in the paper transmission plant to expand will hire 100 employes. Lol they mean they will employ 100 temps and will not hire any of them. I work for them for 6 years and did not hire in and theres stupid people ...