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A simple UPS complaint

Well I have a simple complaint about UPS... The first complaint I have ever had with them, but that merits a report here. I purchased a PSP (Playstation Portable) off Ebay. The seller shipped it via UPS Ground with Delivery Confirmation and Shipper Release with a scheduled delivery date of July ...

False report

On Monday, July 6 2009, I was in my apartment until 5pm because I was expecting a package from Amazon, shipped through UPS. I was merrily doing my work, thinking that the UPS driver will either ring the buzzer, which they sometimes do, or leave the package outside the front or second door of my ...

Claims is a scam

I shipped a package of high value through UPS to our rep in Orlando from our WPB office. Having spoke with UPS on the phone I had the package shipped through a UPS hub where the UPS rep inspected and packaged the shipment and sent it along its way. I was confident that the package was in good ...