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TWX Magazines
Unauthorized magazine renewals

I bought a product over the telephone in November. I got the "courtesy" no-cost trial of 2 magazines. I chose not to subscribe to any. My debit card has been charged 3 times this week for over $100. I've filed a fraud charge with the bank, been issued a new card (#) and, oh by the way, I ...

TWX Magazine

I received an offer from my credit card company-Capitol One-saying I received this reward offer-complimentary magazine subscriptions of 3 choices free. I read this notice carefully and there were no catches. Whatever you do, do not order anything from them. However, I checked my account online and ...

TWX Magazine
I have 2 charges on my checking account today that shows they pulled a payment from my acct using my check card #. I did not authorize these withdrawals and did not order any magazines. Ripoff

I placed an order on the web Sat 12/18 late that evening. This morning I checked my checking account and saw where there had been 2 withdrawals from TWX magazines - $54.00 snf $114.00. I did not order any magazines or authorize these withdrawals. Time WARner must be access info somehow. I do not ...