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Ripoff, the 21Century Mafia

The following is a complaint about and the difficult cancellation process. This should be investigated. In June of 2006 I subscribed to MSN Encarta which is found on, within couple of days I found out it was not worth the $4.95 per month for the information that was widely available ...

Microsoft Network MSN
Ripoff or scam?

Several years ago, I purchased a computer from Best Buy. I got the MSN rebate by signing up for internet access for 36 months. (I was going to be paying someone, why not get something back.) The agreement was for $21.95 per month billed to my credit card. Begining the third month, MSN started ...

Ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing

I too have been billed fraudulently by Microsoft Online Billing Service, bill. WA. Sadly, it's been $21.95 for 18 months (395.10). Today I FINALLY spent an hour to speak to a LIVE, living, breathing credit card fraud representitive that had the contact number for MSN at her fingertips. It's ...