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2005 Kia Rio Timing Belt

I bought a 2005 Kia Rio Brand New, Had a few problems with the wheel bearings @ around 58000 miles on my way back to the Gulfcoast from Cincinnati which Kia did fix at no charge, the dealer in Meridian MS that fixed the bearings offered to do a routine inspection before I drove 3 hours to pick up ...

KIA MOTORS And Auto Dealers Dealing Bunk Cars
KIA MOTORS And Their Incompetent Team Of Swing Dancers... You bought the car from us, and the vehicle failed. No thats your fault driver, you don't know how to drive a car...? Huh? Phoenix

I am NOT being quit this time KIA, you need to step up and take responsibilty that you sold me a lemon car for the beginning. Engine has failed twice within 13K miles and 18 months. Why is there scrapyard writing on the block KIA? Why is your engine keep failing? Why does other working parts fail ...

Kia Rio 1991

Well, lol, I bought a new 2001 Kia Rio and never had any real problems. That is until I hit 103,000 and was driving down the freeway when I heard a click and the engine died. I had it towed to my mechanic and they told me the engine had seized. I had regular oil changes, etc. I called Kia Corporate ...