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Citizens Bank
Urgent! Please help with advice about Citizens Bank OD fee Debit card purchase executed very late (2 weeks after the purchase) when no money in account and slapped $39 fee immediately

Hello. Please give us advice about an OD fee by Citizens Bank which we do not think is appropriate. My brother was on a Work And Travel program to Orleans, MA this summer. It was his first year and he opened an account with Citizens Bank. When getting the debit/credit card he was told the purchases ...

Citizens Bank
Owner of this bank, bank of scotland. Read what is happening in the regards to what we in the states are also experiencing! Hamburg

Something needs to be done with the monies that Citizen Bank is stealing from their customers regarding Insufficient Fee charges... Class action Lawsuit is desparately needed. Bank balances never correct. Bank posts small debits same day as deposit, so overdraft is only a small amount but might ...